•    What is Kuberneties

  •    Quick study of Docker Swarm

  •    Container Vs POD

  •    Deployment process

Running Kuberneties
  •    Installing Kubectl

  •    Installing minicube

  •    Creating a Local Kubernetes cluster with minicube

Pods Creation
  •    Creating a cluster

  •    Defining Pod through declarative index

  •    Running Multiple containers in single pond

Scaling Pods
  •    Creating a cluster

  •    Creating Replica sets

  •    Operating Replica sets

Communication through Service
  •    Creating a cluster

  •    Creating services by exposing ports

  •    Defining Multiple objects in the same YAML file

Deploying releases with Zero downtime
  •    Creating a cluster

  •    Deploying new releases

  •    Updating deployments

  •    Zero-downtime deployments

  •    Rolling back failed deployments

  •    Scaling Deployments

Traffic Maintenance
  •    Enabling ingress controllers

  •    Enabling Ingress controllers based on Paths and Domains

Using Configmaps
  •    Passing configurations from files

  •    Passing configuration from Key / Value laterals

  •    Defining configmaps as YAML

Using Secrets
  •    Exploring Builtin secrets

  •    Creating and mounting Generic secrets

Using Namespaces
  •    Exploring Virtual clusters

  •    Exploring namespaces

  •    Communicating between namespaces

  •    Deleting namespaces

Cluster Security
  •    Accessing Kuberneties through API

  •    Authorizing requests

  •    RBAC authorization

  •    Replacing users with groups

Managing Resources
  •    Container Memory and CPU resources

  •    Measuring Memory and CPU resources

  •    Defining Resource defaults and limitations with in a name space

  •    Managing Resource quota