•    Introduction to Big data and Hadoop fundamentals

  •    Dimensions of Big data

  •    Types of Data generation

  •    Hadoop and its features

  •    Hadoop Ecosystem

  •    HDFS core components

  •    HDFS architecture

  •    Basic installation

  •    HDFS read and write operation

  •    HDFS basic commands

MapReduce Framework and Apache YARN
  •    MapReduce design flow

  •    MRV1 vs. MRV2 architecture

  •    MapReduce Program execution

  •    Types of Input formats and Output formats

  •    MapReduce Data types

Apache Hive
  •    Hive architecture

  •    Hive Installation

  •    Hive Datatypes and Hive table types

  •    DML / DDL commands

  •    Hive Partitioning

  •    Hive Bucketing

Apache Pig
  •    Introduction to pig

  •    Pig Installation

  •    Pig models execution and storage concepts

  •    Pig basic commands

  •    pig script execution

Apache Scoop
  •    Introduction to Scoop concepts

  •    Scoop architecture design

  •    Scoop Installation

  •    Scoop Import concepts

  •    Scoop Export concepts

  •    Create MySQL database for import to HDFS

  •    Scoop command execution

Apache Oozie
  •    Introduction to Oozie and features

  •    Oozie Installation

  •    Basic Oozie commands

  •    Working with Oozie Actions and Coordinators

Apache Flume
  •    Introduction to Flume and features

  •    Flume topology and core concepts

  •    Flume Installation

  •    Flume Sources and Sinks

Apache Zookeeper
  •    Introduction to Zookeeper

  •    Principles of Zookeeper & usage in Hadoop framework

Apache Hbase
  •    Introduction to Hbase

  •    NoSQL/CAP theorem

  •    Hbase design and architecture

  •    Hbase Installation

  •    Hbase commands (Table)

  •    Hbase + Hive integration

  •    Hbase + Phoenix integration

  •    Hbase execution (Shell and Java API)

  •    Distribution (Cloudera) Overview

  •    POCs

Hadoop Administrator:
  •    Installation of Single Node and Multi Node Cluster

  •    Overview of Cloudera (CDH) distribution

  •    Installation of Cloudera and Administration

  •    Installing Hadoop Ecosystem Components – Hbase, Hive, Pig, Zookeeper, Scoope, Oozie, Flume, YARN Services

  •    Configuring External Database for Cloudera

  •    Installing and Configuring External Database for Hue

  •    Configuring External Database for Hive, Oozie

  •    Overview of High Availability

  •    Enabling High Availability for HDFS, Hbase, Hive, YARN, Oozie

  •    HDFS Admin Commands

  •    HDFS Commissioning and Decommissioning