•    Users Authentication Management and Restrictions

  •    Authentication Mechanisms

  •    Security Reference and Built-In Roles

  •    system.roles Collection

  •    system.users Collection

  •    Resource Document and Privilege Actions

  •    System Event Audit Messages

  • Introduction
    •    Introduction and overview of mongoDB database

    •    History of mongoDB

    •    Features of mongoDB

    •    RPM Installation in Linux Flavour’s

    •    Generic Binaries Installation (zip/tar)

    •    Basic configuration options

    Working with Database, Collections, Document and Fields
    •    Introduction to MongoDB commands (with lab)

    •    Creating a Database, Collection and Documents

    •    Creating, Reading and Updating Data (CRUD)

    •    Indexing Managing and Monitoring

    •    Retrieving a subset of fields

    •    Grouping and Managing MongoDB

    •    Aggregation

    •    Optimize Query Performance

    User and Role Management
    •    Create a User Administrator

    •    Add a User to a Database

    •    Create/Assign User a Role

    •    Verify/Modify a User Access/Privileges

    •    Change a User’s Password

    Backup,Restore and Recovery
    •    Backup and Restore with Filesystem Snapshots

    •    Back Up and Restore with MongoDB Tools

    •    Backup and Restore Sharded Clusters

    •    Restore a Replica Set from MongoDB Backups

    •    Recover Data after an Unexpected Shutdown

    Security Management
    Server Optimization
    •    Analyzing MongoDB Performance

    •    Evaluate Performance of Current Operations

    •    Optimize Query Performance

    •    Locking Performance

    •    Memory and the MMAPv1 Storage Engine

    •    Number of Connections

    •    Database Profiling

    •    Optimize Query Performance

    Replica set
    •    Replication Introduction

    •    Redundancy and Data Availability

    •    Replication in MongoDB

    •    Replica Set Deployment to Remote Sector

    •    Asynchronous Replication with Fast Apply

    •    Automatic Failover and Manual role

    •    Replica Set Maintenance and Monitoring

    •    Troubleshoot Replica Sets

    Sharded Cluster
    •    Sharded Cluster Deployment

    •    Sharded Cluster Maintenance

    •    Sharded Cluster Data Management

    •    Troubleshoot Sharded Clusters

    Upgrading MongoDB
    •    Upgrade minor version to major version

    •    Migration Windows to Linux MongoDB

    Monitoring and Maintaining DB in Tools
    •    Script Monitoring

    •    Ganglia tool

    •    Performance MongoDB Atlas

    •    Mongo DB Cloud Manager